Oprah Winfrey shares health update after stomach virus diagnosis

On Tuesday, Oprah Winfrey missed her scheduled appearance on CBS Mornings due to an unexpected trip to the emergency room. She was supposed to join her close friend Gayle King to unveil her new book club selection, but a severe bout of dehydration caused by a stomach infection derailed her plans.

Winfrey’s colleague on CBS Mornings broke the news, explaining that she had eaten something that caused a severe stomach upset. “She had some kind of stomach thing—stomach flu—stuff was coming out of both ends,” King emphasized. Winfrey received intravenous fluids for her dehydration but was not admitted to the hospital. She is now resting at home.


King later contacted Oprah via FaceTime to clear up any confusion. “I never said you were hospitalized,” King said. Winfrey confirmed, “I was in the emergency room, I was so dehydrated,” adding that she had a dry mouth and could hardly retain water, which led to her ER visit.

When asked why she couldn’t travel for the show, Winfrey explained that she wasn’t fit for a plane ride. She assured fans that although she felt better, she hadn’t fully recovered yet. “I’m on my way to 100 [%],” she said.

Winfrey also warned about the contagious nature of the virus she contracted, urging everyone to wash their hands regularly. She mentioned that five of her family members also got sick from the same bug. The medical practitioner advised against touching doorknobs or other objects to prevent spreading the virus.

Both King and Winfrey expressed their gratitude for the concern shown by fans. “Everybody I’ve ever known who has access to my email has called me to say, ‘Are you alright?’ Thanks!” Winfrey joked while laughing. King added, “This is Oprah’s ‘I’m alright’ face.”

It’s reassuring to hear that Oprah is on the mend and will soon be back in front of the cameras.