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Netizens accuse Selena Gomez of stalking Justin Bieber and uploading the ‘same’ photo like him

Fans of Justin Bieber are enraged with Selena Gomez, accusing her of mimicking, stalking, and remaining infatuated with Bieber. So much so that some people accused her of being evil for dating him.

Fans of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber banded together when the couple initially began dating in 2010. Since then, both fandoms have experienced many ups and downs in terms of their relationship and other issues.

This year in particular, Selena Gomez and Hailey Bieber have been the centre of attention for months due to an apparent social media spat, with Gomez supporters known as Selenators rallying in support of the singer while accusing Hailey Bieber of imitating Gomez’s every move.


Similarly, Justin Bieber supporters began to criticise Gomez, accusing her of mimicking, stalking, and obsessing over the Sorry singer. Jelena, on the other hand, split up five years ago.

This week, Selena Gomez shared an innocent selfie with her puppy. Soon after, Justin Bieber’s friend Jason Kennedy shared an Instagram snap of the singer with his pet. As a result, despite being the first to upload a photo, Gomez is now being accused of stalking.

One user wrote on Twitter (now X): “Selena really posted an old photo with her dog right BEFORE the photo of Justin with his dog was posted so she could convince people that he’s obsessed with her.” The post received over 10 million views. Another user wrote, “How could she have known he was with his dog today before it was posted? STALKER, @selenagomez, MOVE ON.”

The unfounded accusations did not end there. As another Justin Bieber fan wrote, “Remember Selena was evil enough to date Justin when he was 17, and she was already 18 textbook grooming, yet no one cares for some reason. She seems like she might be his mother, especially in that outfit. There is no class.”

Another user took it very far and wrote, “Selena Gomez is pretty much Amber Heard 2.0. Both abusers lied about abuse to get sympathy. Justice was served to Johnny Depp, and Justin Bieber will follow soon. The image of them together gives me goosebumps the faces of pure evil.” They continued, referring to Amber and Johnny Depp’s infamous legal struggle.

A furious fan wrote, “Selena spent years obsessing, abusing, and defaming Justin Bieber, and she still won’t let up! She will share the same fate as Amber Heard.”

The Sorry singer, on the other hand, has never accused the Rare singer of abusing or manipulating him. This situation depicts the pitfalls of stan culture, with Justin Bieber followers accusing Selena Gomez of stalking (and vice versa). Fans’ unhealthy, one-sided interactions with celebrities can frequently border on hallucination, particularly when they project their own incorrect beliefs onto their favourite celebrity.

This week saw the release of Selena Gomez’s long-awaited single Single Soon. Everyone can listen to and watch the music video, as well as the song itself.

The 31-year-old’s most recent single is a lively dance song that celebrates being single and affirms that, contrary to popular belief, the singer is not in a relationship. Gomez embodied a casual vibe in the bouncy tune.

The video for the song begins with a voice message from Gomez’s half-sister, Gracie, assuring her that she loves her and that she should never be concerned about boys. The actress sends her beau a message alerting him that she is breaking up with him. “Should I do it over the phone? / Should I leave a note in his coat pocket? / Should I just disappear?” “I don’t want to see a tear. / And the weekend is almost here,” she sings to the catchy tune.

Gomez partied hard in a nightclub before running to a pool with her friends. She posed happily underwater, and the next image showed her spread on a bed with her buddies. The video ended with her winking at the camera and saying, “Who’s next?” Meanwhile, fans are praising the record’s atmosphere and intensity on social media. They are overjoyed to see Gomez in her true, carefree form.