Matt Bomer opens up on losing the role of Superman and here’s what he has to say!

Matt Bomer, the talented actor known for his role in *White Collar*, recently reflected on losing the coveted role of Superman, despite multiple auditions. In a revealing interview on the Hollywood Reporter’s *Awards Chatter* podcast, Bomer shared the reason behind his missed opportunity.


Matt Bomer on Losing the Role of Superman
During his appearance on the podcast, Bomer revealed that he lost the role due to discrimination against his sexuality. He had auditioned extensively for the film *Superman: Flyby*, a project that never came to fruition. “I went on a ‘cattle call’ for Superman, which turned into a four-month audition process,” Bomer recounted. “I was flying back and forth between New York and LA for chemistry reads and screen tests, and it seemed like I was the director’s choice for the role.”


Bomer added that he had signed a three-film deal with Warner Bros. and was confident he would land the role. However, his confidence was shattered when he was let go, ostensibly because of his sexuality. “It was a time in the industry when such things could be ‘weaponized’ against an individual,” he said. “How, why, and by whom, I don’t know, but that’s my understanding.”

Although *Superman: Flyby* never materialized, *Superman Returns* starring Brandon Routh was released in 2006.

Bomer publicly came out as gay in 2012, a decision that he acknowledged had significant implications for his career. Speaking to *Attitude Magazine* in 2020, Bomer described the risks involved in coming out at a time when he had both a studio film premiering and a television show airing. For Bomer, being true to himself and his family was paramount. “I had to be my most authentic self,” he said.

Bomer married publicist Simon Halls in 2011, and the couple has three children together: Kit, and twins Walker and Henry. Despite the challenges he faced in the industry, Bomer has continued to thrive and remains a beloved figure in Hollywood.