Khloe subtly crticised her supermodel step-sister for having a care-free life without kids

In the ever-evolving soap opera that is Season 5 of Hulu’s The Kardashians, the drama escalates alongside the ever-flawless contouring of the K-clan. With Kim and Kourtney’s feud simmering since the Mesozoic era (or maybe just the previous seasons), now Khloe’s thrown a verbal hand grenade at Kendall for not being a card-carrying member of the Mom Club.

Khloe, the sass master extraordinaire of the family, didn’t hold back. In the latest episode that aired on June 13, she took aim at Kendall, subtly implying that while Kendall frolics carefree through life like a supermodel on a runway (which she actually is), Khloe couldn’t resist a dig at her sister’s lack of diapers and carpool duties.


“If I were Kendall, I’d be gallivanting around town, sipping tequila with every Tom, Dick, and Harry… getting sloshed, no kids, no responsibilities,” Khloe quipped, in a moment that probably had Kendall rolling her eyes harder than a model posing for a mascara ad.

But Khloe’s not just throwing shade—she’s practically building a solar eclipse. She’s envious of Kendall’s freedom, unable to resist contrasting it with her own life of endless lunch-making and toddler wrangling. “She’s living her best life without the 24/7 mom grind,” Khloe lamented, as if pondering the mysteries of the universe while scrolling through Instagram.

Meanwhile, Kendall, the serene center of this storm, remains blissfully unbothered. As the only Kar-Jen without a mini-me to juggle, she’s owning her child-free existence like it’s the latest haute couture trend. Despite momager Kris Jenner’s subtle nudges towards grand-maternity, Kendall’s content with her runway stardom and her own tequila empire, 818 Tequila (because why not have a side hustle when you’re Kendall Jenner?).

In an interview with Vogue, Kendall gracefully sidestepped the baby barrage, expressing her joy in the special bonds her sisters have formed with their offspring, while sipping metaphorical champagne on her own terms. She’s not ruling out mini-Kendalls in the future, but for now, she’s reveling in her kidless bliss, making headlines and walking catwalks like a boss.

So, as Khloe contemplates the merits of designer diaper bags and Kendall effortlessly struts through life in stilettos, The Kardashians continues to unfold its saga of sisterly love, envy, and the occasional well-placed zinger. After all, in the world of reality TV royalty, drama is the name of the game—and these Kardashians are playing for keeps.