Kevin Costner’s 15-year-old son, Hayes, described filming Horizon as an unforgettable experience

Hayes Costner, at just 15 years old, had an exhilarating experience stepping into the spotlight alongside his dad Kevin Costner in “Horizon: An American Saga,” particularly because his character shares the same name as his father’s, Hayes Ellison. Reflecting on this unique opportunity, Hayes expressed how meaningful it was to bond with his dad through a project they both love. “I think that was the best way we could relate and spend time together, creating great memories,” he shared, clearly touched by the experience.

During filming, Hayes observed his dad not only as a director giving thoughtful directions to the cast but also as a father figure who seamlessly transitioned from the intensity of directing to being present with his family. Hayes fondly recalled these moments, noting, “I think that’s my favorite time with him.”


Recently, Hayes and four of his six siblings accompanied Kevin Costner to Cannes to witness the premiere of “Horizon,” where they saw firsthand the culmination of their father’s dedication and hard work on the big screen. The experience was deeply emotional for Hayes, seeing his dad receive accolades and standing ovations from the audience. “The best moment I’ve ever had in Cannes with my entire family is watching all the efforts my dad put in unfold on screen,” Hayes shared, highlighting the profound impact of witnessing his father’s passion translate into cinematic success.

Kevin Costner has a history of involving his children in his film projects, dating back to “Dances with Wolves” in 1990, where his three eldest children also appeared. Reflecting on these experiences, Costner emphasized the joy of sharing these moments with his kids, likening it to a cherished home movie.

While Hayes clearly enjoyed his time on set and the excitement of being part of such a dynamic film like “Horizon,” he remains focused on his teenage life, balancing school, volleyball practice, surfing, and cherished moments like fishing with his dad. For Hayes, these everyday moments of connection and quiet reflection with his father hold the most significance, grounding him despite the whirlwind of Hollywood opportunities around him.

As for whether Hayes will follow in his father’s footsteps into acting, that remains to be seen. For now, he’s content navigating the highs of adolescence while treasuring the special moments he shares with his family, particularly his father, Kevin Costner.