Kanye West is at odds with Gap; Claims to be excluded from the meetings

Kanye West has slammed GAP on Instagram.

Kanye West recently attacked the well-known apparel company GAP for restricting his artistic expression. He posted a brief video of him yelling aggressively about the predicament in front of senior Gap officials. The video was released shortly after Kanye revealed on Instagram that a meeting regarding him was held by a multinational corporation without his knowledge.

Sales-wise, Kanye West’s Yeezy collection for GAP has been moderately successful both online and off. The partnership between the retail and the rapper-producer currently appears to be experiencing some difficulties.


Kanye has been posting on Instagram about how GAP is controlling his position there and throttling his creativity for the past few days. Kanye posed a question on Instagram on August 30: “Gap held a meeting about me without me?”


Following this, Kanye published another tweet that had a chat exchange with an unidentified individual regarding how GAP imitated the style of Ye’s GAP brand, YGEBB (Yeezy Gap Engineered by Balenciaga). Ye also stated in the comment that GAP omitted him from a planned picture session with his kids in Japan.


Some followers argued that Kanye West should resolve his difficulties privately rather than broadcasting them on social media, while others backed Kanye West.