Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s divorce in the spotlight? Deets inside

Jlo and Ben Affleck’s marriage is in tension again, with speculations of Affleck leaving.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, a couple whose relationship has been both hailed and scrutinized by the public, are apparently having marital problems again. Despite their highly publicized breakup in 2004, the couple appeared to have matured over time, culminating in their rekindled romance and eventual marriage in July 2022. However, according to recent speculations, their relationship may be on the verge of divorce.

An insider who spoke with In Touch Weekly claims that Ben Affleck has moved out of the house he shared with Jlo, suggesting that their marriage may be coming to an end. According to the source, Affleck believes his marriage has reached a breaking point and they will soon file for divorce. It’s interesting to notice that the insider did not assign all the blame to Affleck.


Control and compatibility concerns could have played a role in the couple’s alleged decision to split up. Lopez’s power over Affleck and Affleck’s incapacity to alter Lopez are said to have contributed to the strain in their relationship. Affleck is reportedly concentrating on his career and his children from a previous relationship, according to the insider.

After Lopez liked a post on her Instagram account that alluded to the value of honesty and emotional security in a relationship, these rumours picked up steam. The couple has also not been spotted together for about 47 days, as Lopez is currently in New York promoting her next film, Atlas, and Affleck is busy filming The Accountant 2. The announcement of their impending divorce stands in sharp contrast to their previous declarations of optimism about their union. Lopez previously talked about their love story at a Los Angeles event, emphasising the openness needed to share their experiences with the world.

It seems that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck may be having relationship problems once more, despite their turbulent past and prior attempts at reconciliation. Fans are left to speculate about the future of this well-publicized romance as rumours persist.