Is there a ‘Culpa Mia 2’ release date?

In 2023, Spanish cinema introduced audiences to “Culpa Mía,” a romantic drama directed by Domingo González, marking his debut in feature-length filmmaking. Translated as “My Fault” in English, the movie stars Nicole Wallace and Gabriel Guevara, with its storyline adapted from Mercedes Ron’s original Wattpad story of the same name.

Both Wallace, also known as Nicole Alejandra Wallace del Barrio, and Guevara gained recognition for their roles in “Skam España,” the Spanish adaptation of the Norwegian teen drama “Skam.”


The narrative of “Culpa Mía” revolves around Noah, portrayed by Wallace, who must leave behind her hometown, boyfriend Dan, and friends to reside in the mansion of her mother Rafaella’s wealthy new spouse. Here, she encounters Nick, her stepbrother played by Guevara, and a clandestine love affair ensues.

While critical reception was mixed, with some reviewers expressing concerns about the portrayal of a relationship between step-siblings, the performances of the leads, along with the supporting cast featuring seasoned Spanish actors like Marta Hazas, Iván Sánchez, and Iván Massagué, were praised.


Is there a ‘Culpa Mia 2’ release date?

As for the possibility of a sequel, Mercedes Ron’s story comprises a highly-rated trilogy, with two additional books titled “Culpa Tuya” and “Culpa Nuestra.” Amazon Studios has green-lit the production of two sequels to complete the live-action adaptation. However, there’s no confirmed release date yet for “Culpa Tuya” (Culpa Mía 2) or “Culpa Nuestra” (Culpa Mía 3). For updates on these developments, We Got This Covered is your go-to source.

In a related development, an English version of “Culpa Mía,” titled “My Fault: London,” completed filming in May 2024, as reported by Variety. Directed by Dani Girdwood and Charlotte Fassler, the film stars Asha Banks, known for her role in “The Magic Flute,” alongside lesser-known actor Matthew Broome. The reception and potential for sequels for this adaptation remain to be seen. Stay tuned for more updates!