Invincible Season 3 gets exciting release update

A voice actor from Invincible just dropped a bombshell, giving fans an electrifying sneak peek at when Season 3 might hit Amazon Prime Video. Cue the fan frenzy!

With powerhouses like Steven Yeun and J.K. Simmons leading the charge, Invincible Season 2 cranked up the excitement to a whole new stratosphere. We watched Mark Grayson throw down with the Viltrumites while his dad faced the cosmic courtroom. Talk about family drama!


And for those of you who thought the gap between Seasons 1 and 2 felt longer than a Viltrumite’s lifespan, fear not! The show’s insiders have promised that the wait for Season 3 won’t be nearly as excruciating. So, gear up and get ready for more super-powered mayhem sooner than you think!


Invincible Star Shares Season 3 Release Update

At a GalaxyCon Oklahoma City panel, Invincible star Ross Marquand delighted fans with juicy updates on the progress of Season 3. Marquand, brimming with excitement, revealed that Season 3 is “almost wrapped” and hinted at an early 2025 release, even though showrunner Robert Kirkman might give him the side-eye for spilling the beans:

“‘Invincible Season 3, we’re almost wrapped on that. That’s gonna be coming out probably…I don’t want to speak for…because Robert [Kirkman] would be like ‘Don’t tell people anything because we don’t know,’ but I have a feeling it’s probably gonna be early next year.”

This nugget of info aligns with comic writer Ryan Ottley’s April tease that fans would need to wait “just one [year]” for new episodes. While we’re still waiting for an official release date, it seems safe to bet that Season 3 will premiere between January and April 2025.


What Will Invincible Season 3 Be About?

Buckle up, because Season 3 promises a wild ride. Mark Grayson will sport a sleek new black-and-blue supersuit and face a major fallout with Cecil, all while officially diving into a romantic relationship with Atom Eve.

Fans will also journey into Cecil Stedman’s past, including his first encounter with Omni-Man long before the events of the series. And speaking of Omni-Man, expect him to team up with Allen the Alien to bust out of Viltrumite prison, especially with his execution looming early in the season.

Add in a showdown with the Viltrum Empire and the epic “Invincible War” arc, kicking off with Angstrom Levy’s appearance, and Season 3 promises to be packed with thrills and spills.

Until then, you can catch the first two seasons of Invincible streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with Season 3 set to electrify screens sometime in 2025.