How many ‘Bridgerton’ books are there?

If Netflix decides to go the distance with Bridgerton and adapt every single novel, brace yourselves for a marathon of seasons coming our way soon.

After two seasons full of jaw-dropping twists and turns in the ton, all eyes are eagerly watching for Bridgerton season 3. We’re dying to see what becomes of Colin and Penelope, the new Bridgerton arrival, and Lady Whistledown’s latest escapades.

Season 3 is ambitiously tackling two novels at once: An Offer from a Gentleman and Romancing Mister Bridgerton, the third and fourth books respectively. This marks a change from the first two seasons, which each focused on a single book—The Duke and I, which revolved around Daphne, and The Viscount Who Loved Me, which told Anthony and Kate’s story.

But whether the show continues this dual-novel approach or reverts to a one-book-one-season formula, one thing is crystal clear: fans are ravenous for more Bridgerton. The torturous two-year wait between seasons is not helping our impatience. So, if like me, you’ve caved and decided to dive into the novels, I’ve got all the details you need.


How many novels are in the Bridgerton series?

Bridgerton is a treasure trove of Regency romance novels published from 2000 to 2006. The main series consists of eight novels:

  1. The Duke and I (2000) – Daphne and Simon’s story
  2. The Viscount Who Loved Me (2000) – Anthony and Kate’s story
  3. An Offer from a Gentleman (2001) – Benedict and Sophie’s story
  4. Romancing Mister Bridgerton (2002) – Colin and Penelope’s story
  5. To Sir Phillip, With Love (2003) – Eloise’s story
  6. When He Was Wicked (2004) – Francesca’s story
  7. It’s in His Kiss (2005) – Hyacinth’s story
  8. On the Way to the Wedding (2006) – Gregory’s story

But wait, there’s more! In 2013, The Bridgertons: Happily Ever After gave us extra epilogues for each of the eight novels, plus a story about Violet Bridgerton herself.

Author Julia Quinn also penned a spinoff series about the Rokesby family, set a generation before the main Bridgerton clan:

  1. Because of Miss Bridgerton (2016)
  2. The Girl with the Make-Believe Husband (2017)
  3. The Other Miss Bridgerton (2018)
  4. First Comes Scandal (2020)

And let’s not forget Lady Whistledown’s anthologies:

  1. The Further Observations of Lady Whistledown (2003)
  2. Lady Whistledown Strikes Back (2004)
  3. The Wit and Wisdom of Bridgerton (2021)

So, there you have it. If the wait for Netflix to unveil all of Bridgerton in live-action glory is too much to bear, diving into the novels is your ticket to discovering whether the Bridgertons get their fairy tale endings. Happy reading!