Has Disney Plus already cancelled ‘The Acolyte?’

The Acolyte has been in the oven so long, it feels like it emerged from the script scrolls of the High Republic era itself. Back in 2020, amidst the distant echoes of normalcy, Leslye Headland, the mastermind behind Russian Doll, was entrusted with crafting a Star Wars TV saga. Now, four years later, after what feels like a journey through hyperspace, the fruits of her labor have finally hit our streaming queues.

Yet, despite its heroic journey to the screen, it seems some are already gossiping about The Acolyte meeting a quicker demise than a Death Star in a firefight. Rumors spread like midi-chlorians that Lucasfilm may have already executed Order 66 on the series before it even began its maiden voyage. But are these whispers of cancellation more fiction than the tales spun by Dexter Jettster at his diner?



Has Disney Plus already cancelled ‘The Acolyte?’

As of this transmission, no, The Acolyte has not been banished to the Sarlacc pit of cancellations. At least, there’s been no reliable transmission from the Holonet confirming its demise. The rumors, which surfaced from That Park Place, alleged insider intel suggesting Disney was ready to shut down the Sith apprentice’s tale before it reached its climax.

This potential premature ending would defy Headland’s grand vision for The Acolyte, where she laid out a galactic series bible to Lucasfilm before the ink dried on the contract in 2020. She’s been clear about her ambition to enrich the Star Wars lore with her storytelling prowess, provided the Force stays with her.

Early reviews have been as mixed as a Hutt’s appetizer platter, with some fans hurling critiques faster than Han Solo’s blaster shots. Yet, much of this noise emanates from the same corners of fandom that have nitpicked everything since young Anakin raced for pod-racing glory.

Disney Plus has been known to pull a surprise more shocking than finding out your dad is Darth Vader — just ask the dearly departed Willow. So, while The Acolyte’s first season unfolds its eight-part saga until July, we’re left to ponder: will it be a solitary star twinkling in the Star Wars cosmos like Obi-Wan Kenobi, or will it forge a dynasty akin to the beloved Mandalorian? Only time, and the Force of streaming numbers, can unveil its destiny. May the binge-watching be with you.