Everything we know about Taylor Swift’s band members and backup singers

Taylor Swift is captivating audiences worldwide with her sensational Eras Tour. Supporting her throughout this musical journey is an extraordinary onstage team, consisting of her dedicated band, The Agency, and a talented group of vocalists and background dancers known as The Starlights. Here’s an inside look at these integral parts of Swift’s touring ensemble.


The Agency: Taylor Swift’s Incredible Band

The Agency, named in 2008 after filming the video for “Picture to Burn” in suits and dark glasses, is a powerhouse of six musicians who have been instrumental in delivering Swift’s electrifying performances.

  • Amos Heller: The bass player and keyboardist, Heller has been with Swift from her early days. In December 2023, he dedicated a heartfelt Instagram post to Swift on her birthday, calling her “an irreplaceable friend to my family and those I love most.”
  • Paul Sidoti: Lead guitarist and vocalist since 2007, Sidoti shared heartwarming photos with Swift over the years to celebrate her birthday.
  • Mike Meadows: A guitarist, pianist, and vocalist, Meadows joined Swift on the Fearless tour in 2008.
  • David Cook: The music director and keyboardist, Cook has been part of Swift’s team since the 2011 Speak Now world tour.
  • Matt Billingslea: The drummer, who started during the Red era, frequently updates fans about the tour’s developments.
  • Max Bernstein: The guitarist and keyboardist joined during the 2018 Reputation tour, making him the newest member of The Agency.


The Starlights: Vocalists and Dancers Extraordinaire

The Starlights are a group of four multi-talented performers who provide both vocal and dance support, adding an enchanting dynamic to Swift’s shows.

  • Kamilah Marshall: A member since the Red tour in 2013, Marshall has also performed with other stars like Justin Timberlake.
  • Melanie Nyema: A background dancer for Swift since the 2013 Red tour, Nyema shared a touching tribute to Swift on her birthday, praising her for her inspiration and humor.
  • Eliotte Nicole Woodford: Joined during the Red tour, contributing her talents as both a vocalist and dancer.
  • Jeslyn Gorman: The latest addition to The Starlights, Gorman joined during the 2018 Reputation tour.

As Taylor Swift continues to dazzle with her Eras Tour, her remarkable onstage team complements her every performance, ensuring that each show is a spectacular experience. Swift’s next stop is Dublin, where she will perform from June 28 to June 30, 2024, at the Aviva Stadium. Fans can look forward to more unforgettable moments from Swift and her incredible ensemble.