Eva Green wins $1 million fee for a failed film

Eva Green was qualified to receive payment of the $1 million fee, according to a written decision by Judge Michael Green.

Prior to the science fiction movie’s start of production in late 2019, the production firm filed a counterclaim against Green for breach of contract, claiming she was to blame for its failure.


Green, 42, said in court in January that she had grown afraid the movie’s production crew had been making shady decisions. She cited how her stunt training had been trimmed from four to five days.

Green, who served as the project’s executive producer, according to White Lantern’s legal team, made unreasonable demands about the cast, locations, and tools. They highlighted her WhatsApp chats where she described one producer as a “evil” person and another as a “f****** moron”. She also called some of the potential crew members “s***** peasants” and the movie’s financiers “a******es.”

While Green says her.experience was “painful and damaging” as some hounds were attacking her.”I found myself misrepresented, out of context quotes, and my desire to make the best movie possible was made to look like female hysteria,” she added.

The actress denied refusing to perform and said it was “humiliating” that her communications had been made public. She testified in court in January, “In the 20 years that I have been making films, I have never broken a contract or even missed one day of shooting.”

The court, however, remarked that while Green “may have said some extremely unpleasant things” about the director, producer, and cast of the movie, “this was born from a genuine feeling that any film… would be of very low quality.”