Donald Trump’s comments about Taylor Swift’s looks are proof he’s desperate for her validation

In a bid to gain favor with the influential Taylor Swift, Donald Trump name-dropped the pop sensation in a revealing conversation with author Ramin Setoodeh. Trump’s comments, captured in an excerpt from “Apprentice in Wonderland: How Donald Trump and Mark Burnett Took America Through the Looking Glass,” showcased his keen interest in Swift’s physical appearance while speculating about her political leanings.

“I think she’s beautiful — very beautiful! I find her very beautiful,” remarked Trump, displaying his characteristic emphasis on aesthetics before delving into his political musings. “I think she’s liberal. She probably doesn’t like Trump,” he continued, expressing curiosity about Swift’s political stance and pondering whether it was genuine or merely an act.


For Trump, Swift’s immense influence in the music and entertainment industries presented an enticing opportunity for potential endorsement, particularly as he eyed a return to the White House for a second term in January 2025. Swift’s endorsement could certainly bolster his campaign, despite their previous clashes, including Trump’s Super Bowl rant questioning whether she would support his rival, President Joe Biden.

However, Swift’s political views are unequivocal, with a documented history of denouncing Trump and his policies. From condemning his response to protests following George Floyd’s death to criticizing his handling of the USPS amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Swift has not shied away from expressing her disdain for the controversial politician.

While Swift’s political journey has evolved over the years, her stance against Trump remains steadfast. Despite the allure of Swift’s endorsement, Trump’s attempts to court her favor may be futile in the face of her unwavering commitment to her political beliefs.