Daniel Craig Reveals The Queen’s reaction to the movie- James Bond: No Time To Die

Many fans have been wanting to know about the Queen’s reaction to James Bond: No Time To Die and Daniel Craig reveals it on SiriusXM

The royal family has appeared at James Bond: No Time To Die premier in London has left the fans with curiosity. they want to know Queen Elizabeth’s thoughts and views on the movie. Daniel Craig has an answer for all the fans and it seems like the Queen had a humorous reaction. The Fans of the Royal Family and James Bond movies have been wanting to know about the Queen’s reaction to the brand new movie- James Bond: No Time To Die and Danial Craig’s last performance as the 007 agent. Well, it seems that the James Bond star has the perfect answer.

The famous actor,53, was in an interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM, via Just Jared. Craig mentioned the story about the monarch jesting about his acting, saying “you’re the one that doesn’t smile.” Danial narrated the words quoted by the Queen: “She said, she said ‘you’re the one that doesn’t smile.’ She nailed me,” the star cracked up at the interview.

The Queen is known for her subtle humor but she surprised the world with her cameo appearance with Daniel Craig for a stunt at the 2012 Summer Olympics, London, England. She joined Daniel for the opening ceremony video, where Bond arrives at the Buckingham palace to pick up Her Majesty. afterward, they appeared to skydive over the Olympic stadium.

The Queen reacted and sounded well, as she kids around with Daniel during the mentioned dialogue. Moreover, we know that other members of the royal family were also present at the world premiere namely Prince Charles, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William, and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge.

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