Chris Pratt all set to become the new voice to Garfield.

Garfield, the famous lazy feline which ran as a comic strip for a long, will be made into another movie; Chriss Pratt voices over.

The infamous feline character, Garfield will be voiced by the Hollywood actor Chriss prat, known for his role in the guardians of the Galaxy’.Alcon Entertainment is producing the film, with sony pictures on board to release Garfileds new adventures in theaters globally(except China). The release date for the same will be announced soon, as reported by

The long-drawn comic strip created by cartoonist Jim Davis has been the inspiration for this movie plot, although the certainty of the plot structure hasn’t been revealed yet.


The comic strip had its debut on June 19 1948 and has appeared in more than 2,580 newspapers and journals ever since. Its basic story one goes with the daily life journey of the cynical and lazy yellow cat Garfield, his owner Jim Arbuckle and fellow pet Odie. This comic illustration was loved by many children as well adults of the time and have been used as references in various other comic cartoonist shows.

With the popularity Grafiled holds, it now has the record of being the most widely serialized comic strip in the world.

Garfield has previously marked its success in the movie line, with its first-ever release of ‘Garfield: The movie’ in the year 2004 and its 2006 sequel ‘Garfield: A tale of two kitties’, both of which were voiced by Bill Murray.

Garfield also has appeared in various direct-to-video films, which included, ‘Garfield gets real’, ‘Garfield’s fun fest’ and ‘Garfield pets force’.

The Hollywood star Chris Prat has voice over the Lego-based movies and on the animated film ‘Onward’ of Disney, pixel productions, which makes him no stranger to this Grafiled voicing over.