Amber Heard’s team alleges that the actress lost $50 million as a result of Johnny Depp’s accusations

Amber Heard’s dispute with ex-husband Johnny Depp reportedly cost her far more than the $10 million

According to a report from an American news outlet, Amber Heard’s dispute with ex-husband Johnny Depp reportedly cost her far more than the $10 million she must pay him under the terms of the judgement in their recently concluded defamation lawsuit. More than 6,000 pages of court records from their highly publicised legal struggle have lately been released, revealing several alarming pieces of information.

According to pre-trial filings, Amber Heard’s legal team claimed that she incurred monetary damages in the “$47-50 million” range over a “3-5 year period” as a result of Johnny’s false remarks about her, according to a recent report.


The Daily Beast also claimed that Amber refused to take the money Johnny Depp received from the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean film, walking away from “tens of millions of dollars.” Since the sequel was produced while Johnny and Amber were still married, it qualified as “community property,” making Amber eligible for half of the profits. According to the site, Amber’s team requested that the court exclude any “irrelevant personal concerns” that Johnny’s team would have presented, such as nude photos, previous romances, or even information that might suggest Amber was an escort at one point.

As the trial lasted for weeks and was broadcast to the public, Amber had to deal with a significant hate campaign online. On June 1, the trial came to a close when the jury gave Johnny a $10.35 million damage verdict. Amber was granted $2 million in damages after she successfully argued one of the three defamation charges in her countersuit. The court denied her motion to set aside the verdict because one of the jurors had identified themselves incorrectly.

Johnny, meanwhile, has already made a triumphant return. According to ANI, the actor made millions of dollars on Thursday when his first painting collection, entitled “Friends and Heroes,” quickly sold out on the website of a London art gallery. He will also appear in a French historical drama.