Alina Habba’s drastically changed look after becoming Trump’s lawyer

Alina Habba, a lawyer who gained attention for her association with Donald Trump, has undergone a noticeable transformation since joining his team in 2021. Previously known for her controversial behavior and legal disputes, Habba has now been critiqued for altering her appearance, with comments suggesting she resembles Melania Trump. This transformation includes enhancements to her hair, makeup, and possibly cosmetic surgery, sparking speculation about her intentions and the impact on her public image.

Despite criticisms and comparisons, Habba asserts that her physical appearance has not influenced her professional capabilities or her hiring by Trump. She acknowledges the challenges of being perceived as beautiful in her career, emphasizing that she values looks over intelligence. However, she maintains that her employment by Trump was based on merit and her legal skills, not her appearance.


Criticism of Habba extends beyond her looks, with commentators and late-night hosts like Stephen Colbert questioning her legal abilities, especially in light of losing high-profile cases. Despite these setbacks, Habba continues to position herself as a spokesperson for Trump’s legal matters, claiming to provide insider information to counter mainstream media narratives.

Her recent announcement of acting as Trump’s “legal advisor” amid speculation about her status on his team suggests ongoing strategic decisions to maintain visibility and influence. Whether her transformation and approach will enhance her credibility or reinforce existing criticisms remains a topic of ongoing debate and scrutiny in the media and public perception.