Have a look at this heartwarming video of the mom-son pilot duo; Son pays homage to his mother on Mother’s Day

A pilot flies the plane with his pilot mother in the passenger seat for the first time on Mother’s Day and pays homage to her on the plane.


On Mother’s Day this year, a Pilot named Aman Thakur flies the plane with his mother, who is also a pilot, for the first time and honors her. He boards the plane with a flower bouquet for his mother and makes a sweet announcement to the passengers on the plane. He says, “It’s been 24 years in my life that I have been flying as a passenger with my mom on various flights. Today marks a special day for me since I will be co-piloting the aircraft of this flight with her as a passenger for the first time in my life.”

This video has left netizens impressed, as it goes on to reveal how the boy has now become a pilot after seeing his mother fly him for 24 years. This is the first flight where the tables have been turned, and he is piloting the plane while his mother sits in the passenger seat. He informs his plane’s passengers about this wonderful event in his life, and they cheer him as well.

Indigo Airlines took to Facebook to post a video of Aman Thakur hugging his mother, with the caption, “What’s better than a mother-son pilot duo on Mother’s Day? Note: The son was operating the flight and the mother travelled as a passenger.”