Zeenat Aman has got the best advice if your family opposes your partner due to caste, race, religion or gender; “In the long run – great…” 

Zeenat Aman is one of the wholesome personalities on the internet. The veteran actress is quite active on social media and keeps sharing interesting anecdotes from her early life. Today, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Zeenat shared a post with a few dating tips for teenagers. Her wisdom on peculiar topics will surely give you enlightening solutions.

In her latest collaboration with the dating app Bumble, the actress shared a bunch of snaps on her Instagram account. “If your family opposes your relationship because of matters of caste, class, religion, gender or any other such divisive construct — challenge them! But if they dislike your partner for deeper reasons, hear them out. I’m not saying they’re necessarily right… I’m saying that often our loved ones can grant us missing perspective. There’s certainly been an occasion or two where I wish I’d listened to my amma!”


The actress further added, “Those first few heady months of a relationship will strip you of your reason. That’s usually the ploy of infatuation and lust, don’t mistake it for love!”

Zeenat explains the mere importance of enjoying mundane activities with your respective partner. “In the long run – great sex, a stacked bank account and sweet talk are meaningless if you can’t enjoy the mundane together. This is not to say that sex and finances are unimportant. Compatibility on those fronts are essential too!”

The actress addresses red flags in a relationship and how to be more reserved, “Preserve your sense of self against all odds. If your partner wants to entirely change you, they don’t love you. They love control. On that note, make sure you’re financially independent of them. A relationship should be a choice not a circumstance!”

Zeenat Aman was married to the late filmmaker Mazhar Khan. She has two sons from her marriage- Azaan Khan and Zahaan Khan.

Talking about her dating life, she said, “These days I’m dating myself. I do for me all the things that a loving, long-term partner would, but without the irritation of having to deal with another human’s flatulence and snores.

“Which brings me to my final realisation – in love, there are no givens! And if you can’t find a person to love you as you deserve, then it should be enough to love yourself.”