Zeenat Aman admits her condition “ptosis” killed her looks and eyesight, happened because of an injury that she suffered decades ago!

One of the greatest stars of the Hindi cinema Zeenat Aman is a renowned personality. She has been a phenomenal actor and ruled over many hearts for decades. In her recent Instagram post, the veteran actress shared about her health condition. She mentioned that she has been suffering from ptosis for the longest time.

Zeenat Aman captioned the post by writing, “There has been an elephant in the room with me for the past 40 years. It is time to show this elephant the door. I have a condition known as ptosis – the result of an injury I suffered many decades ago that damaged muscles around my right eye. Over the years, it caused my eyelid to droop further and further. And a few years ago it became so acute that it began to obstruct my vision.”
The actress even expressed how looks are the most important aspect for an artist. She referred to this change in fortune as a “dramatic change”. Many didn’t want to work with her due to the condition she was facing. But Zeenat Aman had a bunch of wonderful people who considered her talent first-hand.
Over the years, many experiments have been unsuccessful in treating her condition. But this year turned out to be a boon. She met with an ophthalmologist, who said that technology has advanced and the chance to recover her eye would be possible.
The star underwent the surgery and the recovery had been slow. She even stated that the post had been a gratitude post for the Hinduja hospital and even for the doctor who did her treatment, Dr. Savari Desai.