When Shahid Kapoor was asked about falling in love: ‘Every time I met a girl, I fell in love’.

Once Shahid Kapoor was asked how many times he has fallen in love. He says it is much more than twice. He replies ‘Every time I met a girl, I fell in love’


Shahid Kapoor is now the husband of Mira Rajput. They are the parents of two kids now. Their names are Misha and Zain. The actor has once opened up about the number of times he has fallen in love. He also confesses that it was more than twice.

Shahid Kapoor was once asked by actor-turned-host Simi Garewal about how many times he had fallen in love. He was left struggling for words and replied, “That’s a difficult question, I can’t answer that. That’s a dangerous question to ask a guy. Every time I met a girl, I fell in love, whether I was 3 years old. It is true love.”

During their conversation she reminds him about the time he had confessed to falling in love twice, Shahid replied, “No, no, more than that. Much more than that, much much more than that.”

When Simi said that she is talking about the “serious grown-up love”, Shahid replied, “That hasn’t happened yet. I don’t think I have grown up very much. Serious grown-up love, what is that?”

When Simi explained that a serious grown-up love is when two mature people fall in love, Shahid said, “No, that hasn’t happened to me yet. One of us has always been immature. I don’t have that because that would be for keeps.”