Vivek Agnihotri responds to a Twitter user who suggested Karan Johar should be ‘banned’ in the midst of an insider-outsider dispute

It should be remembered that Apurva’s tweet criticising Karan was sent out during the intense insider-outsider discussion in Bollywood.

Vivek Agnihotri, a filmmaker from Bollywood, responded to a Twitter user who called for Karan Johar to be “barred from all platforms.” For those who are unaware, screenwriter-director Apurva Asrani published an old Karan video in which he declared his desire to “murder” Anushka Sharma’s film career. In response to the video, Vivek made fun of Karan by claiming that his “hobby” is “making and breaking” people’s careers.

“Someone’s only hobby is to make or break careers. If Bollywood is in gutter, it’s because of some people’s dirty ‘backroom’ politics against talented outsiders,” he tweeted.


Vivek responded to a Twitter user who suggested Karan Johar ought to be “banned” from all platforms in a different message.

The user’s tweet stated, “If Bollywood wants to save itself it should ban #KaranJohar from every platform,”

In response, Vivek said, “I totally don’t believe in bans and boycotts but yes, someone should speak truth to power… someone should dissent against the corrupt & debauch establishment of Bollywood.”

It should be observed that the blazing insider-outsider discussion in Bollywood coincided with Apurva’s remark against Karan. It all began when worldwide superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas said that Bollywood had “cornered” her in one of her interviews. The actress also admitted that she was “weary of politics” in the Hindi film industry and that she had “conflict” with several people.

In response, actress Kangana Ranaut asserted on Twitter that Karan Johar was the one who had barred Priyanka from Bollywood. On the other hand, during the recently held star-studded NMACC launch in Mumbai, Karan and Priyanka embraced.