Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma along with baby Vamika and Team India leave for World Test Championship

Actor Anushka Sharma and spouse, cricketer Virat Kohli were clicked with their daughter Vamika at the Mumbai airport on Wednesday night as the Indian cricket team left for England for the World Test Championship series.

Vamika was wrapped from head to toe and was assumably fast asleep in her mother’s arms. The Indian skipper was also seen strolling alongside Anushka and his daughter as they headed towards the airport gate. It certainly looked like Anushka was taking extra care to not uncover her daughter to the media flash as she carefully kept her cradled in her arms throughout.


Along with the men’s team and their family members, the Indian women’s cricket team were also present at the airport as they are also playing in the UK.

Earlier, while conversing with fans during an Instagram live, Virat Kohli had shared the couple’s opinion to not share Vamika’s pictures on social media when one fan asked the meaning of Vamika’s name and if everyone could have a glimpse at the pair’s bundle of joy. Virat politely declined the said fan’s requests and elaborated further by stating, “No we have decided as a couple to not expose our child to social media before she has an understanding of what social media is and can make her own choice.”