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Urfi Javed’s replies to Kangana Ranaut’s tweet on uniform civil code

Urfi Javed disagrees with Kangana Ranaut’s tweet that claimed “Indians love Khans.” The well-known social media influencer claims that religions cannot be separated in art, and Kangana answers.


Actress Kangana Ranaut recently shared her thoughts on Pathaan’s phenomenal box office triumph. She wrote in a tweet that the Indian public has long been obsessed with “Khans,” but that there was once a period when they desired to watch “Muslim actresses.” Urfi Javed, who shared the actor’s post and said that “art has no religion,”.

The popular social media influencer wrote, “Oh my gosh! What is this division, Muslim actors, Hindu actors. Art is not divided by religion. There are only actors,” when Kangana said, “Very good analysis… this country has only and only loved all Khans and at times only and only Khans…And obsessed over Muslim actresses, so it’s very unfair to accuse India of hate and fascism … there is no country like Bharat 🇮🇳 in the whole world.”

You can count on Kangana to answer with an even funnier post! In her response to Urfi’s tweet, the actor—who is now practising for her upcoming film Chandramukhi 2—mentioned the “Uniform Civil Code.”  She said, “Yes, my dear Uorfi that will be an ideal world but it’s not possible unless we have The Uniform Civil Code, till the time this nation is divided in the constitution itself it will remain divide, Let’s all demand Uniform Civil Code from narendramodi ji in 2024 Manifesto. Shall we?”

One of the ‘contentious promises’ made by the Indian government’s ruling party, the BJP, is the ‘uniform civil code,’ which Kangana mentioned in her tweet. The left has passionately resisted the idea of implementing a single civil code across the country, which has been repeatedly discussed by a number of party members.

Kangana has started making waves on Twitter in the meantime. After making a contentious post on the post-election violence in West Bengal in the year 2021, the actor was prohibited from using the social media network.