Tusshar Kapoor opens up about his parents’ reaction on becoming a ‘Bachelor Dad’

Tusshar Kapoor’s family were ‘cool’ about his decision for becoming a bachelor dad

A few years age Tusshar Kapoor took his fans by surprise with his announcement of him being officially a father. Social media was in uproar hearing this news, five years age the actor Tusshar Kapoor has been a single parent as he welcomed his son Laksshya Kapoor.

In an interview, Tusshar Kapoor talked about his family’s reaction when he first told them about his decision to become a father. In 2016, Tusshar became a father via surrogacy.


His mother Shobha Kapoor’s reaction to the news was, “ She was a bit surprised. She was a bit shocked. She said that they are with me in the decision if I am ready to take the responsibility. She said- as grandparents Dad and she will help me but it’s me who has to be clear about my journey ahead. So thankfully, there was no objection.” says Tusshar.

Revelling his father Jeetendra reaction, Tusshar disclosed that the veteran actor was calm about it. “I wondered if he would wonder that I was doing something wrong or on how it will all happen. But he was very cool about it,” the actor Tusshar stated.


As for the sister, Ekta Kapoor had said to Tusshar that he has the guts to decide between being a sole parent. 

Heightening on Ekta’s reaction, Tusshar said, “She didn’t say it in the sense that I have done something shocking. After Laksshya was born and I was about to announce, she said that my decision would show a way to others. That’s the context in which she said that I have guts. Many people want to become single parent but they are scared. But no, I didn’t do it with any intention of breaking any path or becoming a trail-blazer.” explained the Golmaar actor Tusshar Kapoor.