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Throwback: When Arjun Kapoor saved Sonam Kapoor from getting bullied!

In a recent interview, Arjun Kapoor opens up about his relationship with cousin sister, Sonam Kapoor and how he once saved her from getting bullied in school.

Bollywood Arjun Kapoor has always been the perfect brother, be it for his real sister, Anushla Kapoor, step-sisters Khushi and Jahnvi Kapoor or cousin-sister Sonam Kapoor.

From their childhood days, cousins Arjun and Sonam Kapoor shared a very special and close bond.


In a recent interview with RJ Siddharth Kannan, the ‘2 States’ actor recalls a time in school when he got into an ugly fight with a boxer to save Sonam from getting bullied.

Talking about the incident he said, “Sonam and I were in the same school. I was chubby then. I used to love playing basketball and so did Sonam. One day, it was a typical, cliché scene where seniors came and grabbed the ball from Sonam and announced it was their time to play. Sonam came crying to me. She said, ‘This boy behaved badly with me…’ I asked, ‘Who’s this boy?’ I am not a violent person at all. Neither in my childhood nor now. But I do get angry. I got angry and I went to confront the boy. That boy came and I abused him. He kept staring at me during my verbal diarrhoea of abuse.”

Elaborating further on the incident, he added, “He then punched me. I went back home with a black eye. Sonam kept saying sorry to me. I remember, he was a part of some national-level boxing. He was a boxer. Maine galat ladke se panga le liya tha Sonam ke chakkar mein (I messed with the wrong guy for Sonam’s sake). I got injured and had to go to the doctor. I got suspended because of my behaviour. I was the instigator of the problem. After that I told Sonam, ‘you take care of yourself in school because I have been defamed very badly. I can’t do this’ .”