The controversies of Aamir Khan: A timeline

Actor Aamir Khan is presently taking a break. The big star of Bollywood, who has produced and starred in some of the biggest hits, is currently experiencing a drop in his star power as a result of his recent box office failures and social media backlash. However, it did not occur suddenly.

Aamir Khan’s reputation has suffered over the years as a result of several controversial remarks he has made and the offensive portrayal of some sensitive subjects on television and film. And in the end, it contributed to his acting career’s decline in popularity.


Here are some controversies around Aamir Khan:

1. India is intolerant

When the actor claimed that his wife Kiran Rao feels uncomfortable in India and wants to leave, he incited controversy. Kiran Rao believes that India has turned into an intolerant nation. Most Indians found this speech offensive, and even Bollywood performers who had previously worked with Aamir, such Anupam Kher and Paresh Rawal, rejected and denounced it.

2. SRK and Aamir are engaged in a cold war.

Although Aamir, Salman, and Shah Rukh Khan get along well these days, there was once a cold war between the two of them. By claiming that his dog’s name is Shah Rukh, the latter even insulted Shah Rukh. It was not well welcomed by Badshah fans in Bollywood, and the Dil actor took a lot of heat for it.

3. Hindu gods are portrayed negatively in PK

The majority of Hindus were not pleased with how Aamir’s character in the Rajkumar Hirani-directed film PK attacked certain of the customs and ceremonies. While the producer, director, and actor should all eventually bear some of the blame for such content, Aamir Khan was mostly singled out and ridiculed for the way he portrayed Hinduism in his films.

4. Aamir and prestigious awards

When he was younger, the actor had big expectations for Dil to win best actor. Despite the success of the film, Aamir was not given the honour. Since then, he has argued that such prizes are unfair, and he typically avoids attending award ceremonies.

5. Unborn child related to a British journalist

The superstar allegedly had an unwanted kid with a British journalist he met while filming Ghulam. Aamir Khan urged Jessica Hines, a reporter, to have the child aborted because at the time he was already married and a father. But she refused to terminate it, raising their son Jaan alone in London.