Teenager hacks Akanksha Puri’s social media accounts, posts dirty comments and DMs to other actors


Akanksha Puri’s social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook were hacked yesterday. Celebrities are often at the centre of cyber-crime victim circle Actress’s Instagram and Facebook accounts were hacked since yesterday morning. It took over 12 hours to secure it and get it back.

In an interview with Spotboye, Akanksha discussed her experience, “Yesterday morning I had posted an Instagram story about Father’s Day and after that I wasn’t able to do anything from my profile. I could open my accounts- both Instagram and Facebook as they are interlinked- but could not do any activity on it. But the one who had hacked was operating it and stalking celebrities accounts especially the verified ones. Then I contacted a technical expert who explained to me that there is a two-way authentication and with the help of it I finally recovered my account. But it took almost 12 hours and it was extremely stressful for me.”

Adding to this Akanksha also thanked her fans for their support through this period, “The person who had hacked my account was viewing stories and posts of other celebrities whom I didn’t even know. Also, some cheap comments were made from my profile and DM’s were also sent. So, some of my celebrity friends only informed me about the hacking. And they were kind enough to delete such things from their profile and informed me. Also, my fans supported me a lot, they shared screen grabs on Twitter. I can’t disclose the actors’ names who received weird and cheap messages from my account but I was so embarrassed to know and read them. I am thinking half of the things I don’t know what that hacker must have done in all these hours.” Take a look at the story here:

The actress got really worried but as things got solved in time and she didn’t take any legal action. The person who helped Akanksha in recovering her accounts informed her that she hadn’t completely secured her profile previously, which resulted in it getting easily hacked. The actress revealed that after reading the comments and DMs done from my profile by the hacker, she got to know that the hacker was a teenager as his/her writing was kiddish. “If he must have been an expert, I wouldn’t have been able to recover it soon. Celebrities often face this and I think they should be extra careful with their security profile.” she added.

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