Sushant Singh Rajput’s family friend Nilotpal, SUSPECTS Sandip Ssingh, urges cops to interrogate him!

Sudden demise of actor Sushant Singh Rajput’s suicide has sent a huge shockwaves all around the nation. Fans and celebrities were stunned after hearing the suicide news of self-made actor. Police is investigating each and every facet of the case by interrogating the late actor’s close friends and family members. Till date, Mumbai police has recorded statements of 25 people including his father, sisters and rumored girlfriend Rhea Chakraborty.

Now a close friend of the late actor, Sandip Ssingh is under headlines and spotlight of doubt and suspect. It was reported that Sandip Ssingh was working with Sushant for their film titled ‘Vande Bharatam’. According to Nilotpal, a family friend of Rajput’s, he feels that Sandip Ssingh must be interrogated over the deleted posts of the actor. For this, Nilotpal has written a letter to Mumbai Police urging them to interrogate Sandip.


In the letter, Nilotpal stated that Sandip Ssingh is giving a clean chit to the people on whom the finger has been raised in the past few days. He has asked police to check the phone of Sandip because it has been alleged that Sandeep is doing this under pressure from someone in the industry as he has to build his future in Bollywood. Moreover, he claimed that during the police investigation, Sandip was regularly calling the media which added him under spotlight of doubt.

Not just this, Nilotpal has also asked Mumbai police to check call records, social media accounts of the suspect.

Recently, Sushant Singh Rajput’s social media posts were being deleted and it was observed by veteran actor and BJP MP Roopa Ganguly. She has also asked for investigation of the same. Roopa took her Twitter and tweeted, “Nobody knows what is being added and what is being deleted. How come somebody is operating his account? Is it the Police or somebody else? How is it that his Instagram account is being operated now? When I first heard this, I did not believe it. Then I saw some screenshots. I myself have taken some screenshots also. How is this possible? When will CBI investigation begin? Will it begin only after all the evidences have been destroyed?”