Sunny Leone feels ‘accepted’ in Bollywood industry despite being an outsider

Sunny Leone opens up about how the industry solidified her as an actress. It didn’t matter that she was an outsider. She was accepted for her talents.


Sunny Leone established a lucrative career as a Bollywood actress. As a former pornstar and a foreigner, Sunny says that her success in Bollywood was the pure result of hard work and an ambitious drive. The pathway to success is clearly difficult. But now, Sunny opened up about the acceptance and kindness she received from the industry and how it made her journey to success meaningful.

Eight years ago when she first started her journey, Sunny remarked looking back, things were very different. With her, patience is key. It is only with time and perseverance that someone creates their own world and makes their space. Her Canadian and American citizenship didn’t matter so much. Outsider. Insider. Sunny says it’s all the same. In India, it’s hard work that wins. The kindness, generosity, and helping attitude she received from people made her journey more endurable. Though, she does comment on her status as an outsider on a personal level. It imposed on her the pressure to make particularly tough decisions, something a native wouldn’t be well acquainted with. Eight years later, Sunny reported feeling much more of an insider. She mentioned that Daniel Weber, and herself, had to both go by whatever came in, constantly submerging themselves in the network and in the industry as a whole.

Sunny Leone and Daniel Weber are also the parents of their three children, Asher, Noah, and Nisha.

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