Sunny Deol just wants to act now, to drop the director’s hat for a while

Coronavirus induced lockdown has impacted all of us, but everyone coped up in their own way. Many actors have admitted that they were taken aback with being at home for a stretch of three months because most of the time they travelled and stayed away from home, never spent such quality time with family, but also missed their work equally.

Sunny Deol, one of the finest actors of this industry, has rather a different take on the whole lockdown situation. In an interview with Bombay Times, he happily asserted that he found comfort in lockdown, and also connected with his long-lost friends and spent quality time with family members. Away from the city, the actor is residing with his father Dharmendra and brother Bobby in their Khandala farmhouse.


When Sunny was asked about his plans on future projects, he revealed that he will not be directing or producing for a while, and rather focus on acting. He stated that he wants to surprise himself and his followers by portraying such roles which will be distinguished from the roles he has done in the past. He said, “I won’t be producing or directing films for a little while; I just want to act, act and act. I want to surprise myself and my audience, evolve as an actor, wear characters I can give life to, and infuse with the colour of my personality.” He also added that he wants to go for outside set-ups, good directors and scripts that challenge him as an actor.

He also talked at length about the shooting process that will be undertaken with safety protocols and other mandatory considerations. According to him, rather than hiring excessive staff, people need to switch to effective work with few people on the set because producers and directors cannot afford for shooting to grind at halt once again.

Sunny Deol donned the cap of a director with ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’, a film that featured and marked the launch of his son Karan Deol, also went on to say in the same interview that when this movie released, he realised that the scenario today is very different from when he debuted in ‘Betaab’ and he also admitted that being from a filmy family is rather a drawback than an asset for an actor.