Sridevi to Shilpa Shetty: 5 Bollywood actresses who BROKE marriages of married men

The following actresses are women who have been called “home breakers”:

Everyone wants to be happy and peaceful in their married life. We’ve all heard stories of how the ‘other woman’ became the reason for a separation. Some actresses just go all out and hook up with married men. Here’s the list:


Shilpa Shetty


Bollywood’s hottest sensation Shilpa Shetty wed Raj Kundra, and the two of them are currently enjoying life as a family with their kid. Although their marriage made headlines on television, Shilpa’s diamond ring is proof of Raj Kundra’s love for her. She was, nevertheless, openly accused of ruining the marriage of Raj and his ex-wife, Kavita.



Rani Mukerji

Rani produced many hits under the Yash Chopra label before eventually gaining Aditya Chopra’s closeness. They became closer and eventually fell in love since she played the lead in many of his films. It’s often believed that Aditya ended his seven-year marriage to Payal Chopra to marry Rani Mukerji.


Kiran Rao

Reena and Aamir had been lovers for a long time and were neighbours. When Reena turned 19, they fled the house to get married. Aamir and Kiran Rao were a passionately in love couple until they met on the Laagan movie sets. Aamir marries Kiran Rao following the end of his fifteen-year marriage, and the two of them have a son together.



Shabana Azmi

The world had no way to process Shabana Azmi’s announcement of her romance with Javed Akhtar, who was already married. After his first wife died, Javed Akhtar abandoned all two of his children in favour of Shabana Azmi.




When Sridevi moved in with Boney Kapoor’s wife, he introduced her as his rakhi sister. Eventually, their growing affection for one another resulted in an extramarital affair. His first wife Mona Kapoor did not file for divorce from him until the day of her passing.