South actor Vijay Sethupati attacked at the airport

After landing from his recent flight, Vijay Sethupati
was attacked from behind by an anonymous man.

Tamil actor Vijay Sethupati was attacked at the airport after he landed. The attacker remains unknown.

The actor was surrounded by tight security and the mystery man abruptly attacked Vijay Sethupathi and harshly pounced on him, which caused a wave of rage and concern among his fans.


Video of the attack is being shared around social media, where you can see the famous Tamilian actor boarding off the flight and heading towards the exit, while an anonymous person attacks him out of nowhere. Vijay Setthupati gets caught off guard and was about to retaliate back to the attacker but was momentarily stopped by the airport guards and cop.

The National Award winner superstar is visibly shaken after the brutal attack, and has been looking for leads of who or why might this incident take place. However, there were reports of Vijay Sethpathis’s assistant cleaning the way for the actor where he might have pushed the mystery man by mistake, for whose retaliating, he attacked.

Apart from these reposts, there are also tweets being shared of the incident being the anonymous man, who was heavily drunk and attacked the actor for no reason, who later reposted to be arrested by the police.

Further details on the clear motives are awaited.