Sonu Sood wishes for crowds outside his house to disperse & for miseries to end

Sonu Sood shared a video of a crowd outside his Mumbai residence and hopes for people’s miseries to end in a Twitter post.

Actor Sonu Sood who has been actively involved in helping the underprivilege receive Covid-aid, shared a video of a crowd gathered outside his Mumbai residence captioning it, “The day this crowd disappears, I will feel the miseries have ended. Let’s make this happen soon, together.”

In the video, Sonu was spotted meeting several people, including an old lady and a disabled man. Later in the same video, a woman gave Sonu her blessings, and said in Hindi, “What you’ve done, no one else could have.”

Several people have been congregating outside Sonu’s house, looking for assistance during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sonu believes that the day the crowd disperses it would signal the end of people’s miseries.

Ever since the first lockdown, Sonu has helped thousand of people get out of misery, starting for the provisions he made for the migrant laborers who set out walking towards their homes in remote interiors due of lack of facilities.

Sonu has, however, also been targeted by certain people, who have accused him of being duplicitous.

Sonu also receives his fair share of prank requests, such as expensive vacations, phones, and sponsoring weddings. Recently, a man asked Sonu to buy an iPhone for his girlfriend.

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