Sona Mohapatra befittingly replies troll asking why feminists show cleavage to compete with men

Indian singer Sona Mohapatra took to social media to reply to a troll who asked her about why women show cleavage.

Sona Mohapatra is a music composer, singer, and lyricist born in Cuttack, Odhisha. Besides being a versatile singer she never fails to shut down trolls on social media. Bollywood celebrities are frequently trolled on social media and are exposed to all sorts of criticisms and hate. Recently Bollywood singer Sona Mohapatra was trolled on social media and was asked, “Why all feminist have to show cleavage in order to complete with men… and after seeing ur few interviews i think ur a victim of bolly gang but again ur trying to woo them to be i their gang wat a dichotomy…”.

Sona took to Twitter to give a fearless reply to the troller and explained the meaning of ‘cleavage’. Her tweet read, “I’d suggest you treat the multiple ‘cleavages’ in your brain before talking with anyone, let alone with a ‘feminist’ trying to ‘woo’ the ‘bolly gang’… ( Cleavage, noun: a sharp division; a split )
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Recently Sona also spoke on the Bollywood Drug nexus case and said has been very active on social media. Sona is fearless and has always shut down the trolls on social media whereas other celebs avoid the trolls on social media.