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Some of the fascinating facts about Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar’s simple but versatile nature made him one of the greatest actors ever born. These are some of the intriguing facts about Dilip Kumar.


A period in Hindi cinema expired when Dilip Kumar left this world. The performing arts career that passed over more than half a century was extravagant. It started with Jwar Bhata in 1944 and ended up with Quila in 1998. Dilip Kumar for many exemplified the gold criterion in movie acting. His trademark calm delivery sometimes so faded that the microphones could not grab it up, his scrutiny to detail, the point of collapsing during a death scene in Ganga Jumna looked true. His simple but versatile nature made him one of the greatest actors ever born. The human world offers farewell to the man who got revered as “Yusuf Sahab” by many. These are some of the unknown facts about him:

Requirements of Camera and His Voice
One of the trademarks of Dilip Kumar’s performance was the thoughtful, almost understated way in which he recited his strands of craft. Opposite to what many speculate, this was not a technique modified for the cameras. Kumar said, he really was extremely soft-spoken in actual life as well. He attributes his parents for this, bringing up that his mother was very gracious and his father never screamed even when he was embarrassed.

The greatest discovery by Raj Kapoor


Raj Kapoor found out about Dilip Kumar and expected that he will become the biggest celebrity. Raj Kapoor was not a filmmaker, producer himself at the moment. Both of them resided close to each other and went to Khalsa College. This was the point when Raj Kapoor came and told Yusuf Khan that He can become the greatest talent of India. His exact words were, “You can be a star.”

Football or Cinema

Raj Kapoor gave glamorous guidance to Dilip Kumar. He actually wished to become a promising football star whereas his father’s hopes for him were regarding the career in chess. He was a relatively reasonable performer at school and was the secretary of his football association in the school. Reel life was yet to come in front of him and mesmerize him and others.


What is the secret of Name?

For those who don’t know, Dilip Kumar’s actual name was Mohammed Yusuf Khan. Devika Rani suggested that You must change your name and make it Dilip. Devika employed him for Bombay Talkies. He is known somewhat as Yusuf Sahab.

Singing Capabilities

Kumar is well known for his craft and subtle performing abilities but, he used to sing exceptionally well. In Musafir (1957), he sang for the first and last time on screen. Many were blown by how identical his voice sounded to that of the Talat Mahmood who vocalized so often for him. Lunar was proficient in the usage of Urdu and so got a job in 1942. In the introductory phase, he was a scriptwriter. He was engaged there and had to pay Rs 1,250 per month.

A perfect businessman of Sandwiches.

A disagreement with his father saw Kumar moving to Pune. He set up a sandwich cell there and did very profitable business saving up a majestic sum of Rs 5,000 before heading back residence.