Some of the amazing facts about Rajanikanth

Rajanikanth has played a duo, One form in the film is larger than life and the other one is real, loaded with simplicity. He is the God of Cinema and is being worshipped in South India. These are some of the most interesting facts about him.

No one will deny the fact that dignitary Rajinikanth, referred to as “Thalaiva” by the audience is a popular face in the entire world. Rajanikanth has performed exceptionally well and attained fans from all age groups then it may be a child or an aged person. He was born on December 12, 1950, in Karnataka in a Maratha family. Rajinikanth initially worked as a bus conductor and was stylish and did various gimmicks. One day, someone watched it and asked him for a film, and then the rest is a cinematic extravaganza. He is one of the highest-paid actors in this film business. His story is motivating people to come and make a career if they have passion. His actions and ecstatic performance drives people crazy all over the world. He has played a duo, One form in the film is larger than life and the other one is real, loaded with simplicity. He is the God of Cinema and is being worshipped in South India.

These are some of the known and fascinating truths about Rajanikanth:


Rajani’s Debut
Rajinikanth made his debut in this world of the screen in 1975 with K Balachander’s Apoorva Raagangal. The movie also featured Srividya and Kamal Haasan in key roles and was released in theatres on 15th August 1975. Rajanikanth got his name “Thalaiva” from the audience and media. He has governed the Tamil film industry for various decades and on 15th August 2020, completed his 45 prosperous years in films. He is literally a deity.

Past Professions
Rajinikanth came from a simple atmosphere and before entering into this field of dreams, He worked as a carpenter, a bus conductor, and a coolie.

Real Name
People try to excavate and find out our favorite star’s real name and when they search for Rajani’s real name, they come to know that his actual name is Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. He was named after the brave warrior King, Chattrapati Shivaji. Many people in India want their child to possess qualities at a minute level like Shivaji. Rajanikanth’s upbringing happened in Kannada and Marathi.

Rajinikanth wanted to enter into films and so went to Madras Film Institute and did Diploma in Acting. During his course, He learned Tamil.

Marriage Story
Rajini is wedded to Latha Rangachari who is younger than him. There is almost a gap of 8 years between them. Latha came to interview Rajani and published it in the college’s magazine. They came into the relationship and married in 1981. That meeting for an interview was the element that united them. Latha operates a school in Chennai named ‘The Ashram’ now and the couple has two daughters Saundarya and Aishwarya Both of them have got married to affluent and talented people. The former one got married to an actor and businessman, Vishagan Vanangamudi, and the latter one to Superstar Dhanush.

Negative Beginning
In the initial stage, he worked as a villain. In the early two years, he just got an opportunity to play negative roles only. A rapist, a vicious husband, a pornographer, a womanizer, etc. but, Bhuvana Oru Kelvikkuri, was the first film where he played a positive role in 1977 and that film became authoritative, classic, and evergreen.

Rajanikanth’s belief
Rajinikanth is a proponent of Hinduism and a staunch disciple of spirituality. He exercises contemplation, Yoga, and Meditation. Moreover, on his birthdays every year, his fan associations organize campaigns of blood, eye donation and also disseminate food for the needy.

Let’ssalute to the Thalaiva. Rajinikanth has worked in over 170 movies in his 40 years theatrical journey.