Singer Drake denies rumours of dating Kim Kardashian

American singer Drake denies all rumors regarding him dating social media sensation Kim Kardashian, who recently got divorced from Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian recently filed a divorce with composer, producer and rapper Kanye West, which broke hearts of many fans. 

On divorce with Kanye West, Kim’s mother Kris Jenner said, “I think it’s always going to be hard anytime… you know, there’s a lot of kids. The good thing about our family is that we are there for each other and supportive and we love each other very, very much so all I want is for those two kids to be happy. And I want the kids to be happy. That’s the goal.”

Kris further reveals, “I think we all want that for our families, just to be able to have the love and appreciation of one another, and that everyone’s okay. That’s what you want as a mom.”

She added, “I think it’s just a private time for them. Kim wanted to deal with this with her own family in her own time…When she feels like it, I’m sure she’ll say what she needs to say.”

Meanwhile, the rumours started circulating after the news of the couple divorce was announced about Drake wanting to date the Kim Kardashian. Drake shut the rumours down by claiming them to be false when he was approached by the Gossip of the Day.

According to a report in Showbiz, an Instagram account, Gossip in the City, shared pictures of their conversation with Drake, asking him if he actually had any romantic feelings for Kim.

“Fake news? I figured I’d ask this time. Obviously” Drake replied.


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