Singer Armaan Malik talks about difficulties that artists face while pursuing a career in the music industry – Read

Armaan Malik, a singer, discusses the difficulties that artists face when pursuing a career in the music industry.

Armaan Malik has been busy making new music and has over a hundred songs ready for release. However, the singer adds that he is waiting for things to be flawless before pressing the release button. “My fans would actually want to hear all of those 100 songs that are sitting in my laptop. But we are not going to put them out until they are perfect,” says Malik.


The Chale Aana and Jab Tak hitmaker thinks there’s always pressure to stay current in the music industry and in people’s minds.. “And that can only happen when we release music frequently. But, this process becomes extremely tough because we’re always on a lookout for ways to make their work perfect before releasing it,” Armaan says.

According to Malik, as artists, they must constantly upgrade and rejuvenate themselves every year, every six months, and with each new song they produce.

“Not everyone has their peaks every year, there would be phases that are low, dull and then next year will be really shining for you. Although it’s not easy to stay at it throughout, we need to keep learning and soaking in as much as we can along the way,” he explains.

Having said that, Malik has managed to stay current over the years by working in a variety of languages, including Bengali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam, and Kannada. However, this presents its own set of issues, such as determining the playlist for live events in certain regions.