Shweta Kawaatra talks about husband Manav Gohil, feels lucky to have him

Shweta Kawaatra says, “I feel Manav is a wonderful human being and I am blessed to have him as my husband.”

Shweta Kawaatra, who is married to actor Manav Gohil for 17 years, shares how their marriage has developed throughout the years. The actress, who met her husband Manav on the set of Kahani Ghar Ki, accepts that her fellowship with Manav has thickened after some time.

Shweta says, “We have been married for 17 years and have known each other for a few years more than that. Over the years, my marriage has evolved a lot and I realise that I am blessed to have an understanding husband. I am also glad I married an actor because we both understand each other’s work patterns. I feel we have both grown a lot and our love has thickened and we can completely depend on each other.”

She added: “Initially, when we were dating and getting to know each other, it was more of attraction and after many years, I realised that it was love. I also feel that when you know and understand your partner, you don’t feel that you are compromising for each other. I feel our relationship has stood the test of time.”

Talking about the high points and low points in their lives, she says each marriage has a great deal of difficult work. She said “When we get married, we think of loyalty and how committed your partner should be, but then you realise that everything is not just about loyalty. The two individuals go through so many other things and the way you face it together is most important. There was a time when Manav did face a lull in his career and his film did not take off. We had to be very patient and understanding towards each other. I feel Manav is a wonderful human being and I am blessed to have him as my husband.”

Today the two are parents to their nine-year-old girl Zahara Tabetha. Sheets further says “We always have her with us whenever we travel or go out of town. We wanted to make sure that she is also a travel junkie like us.”

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