Shruti Haasan supports Rhea Chakraborty, Shaheen Bhatt for complaining to the Cybersecurity officials

Recently, actress Shruti Haasan has supported Rhea Chakraborty and Shaheen Bhatt who filed a complaint against their online trollers. They were sent rape and murder threats which made them take help cyber media officials.

In an interview with Zoom TV, Shruti said that she was happy that people are logging such complaints as people will fear before sending it again. She also said that such threats ‘upset’ her.
She quoted, “”It’s a historic thing, right? You hear about so and so went and plundered the village. You don’t see them plundering men. All the women are rounded up. There is such a historic reference to fear and degradation that has been going on for centuries. You are seeing the same thing play out on social media.”

She also added, “As a woman, it is dangerous and frightening as hell. That is something that upsets me. And am I glad that somebody got arrested? I am glad. Because someone has to be accountable for it. Pressing for rules on social media, Shruti said, “There is no room for that, against men and women. You don’t get to say to the men and women “you will kill or rape them”. I am all for free speech but this is criminal activity. Social media platforms have to make better rules.”

For the uninformed, Rhea and Shaheen both were sent death and rape threats via Instagram DMs. They both reported it to the Cybersecurity officials and shut her trolls.

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