Shah Rukh Khan demands a “discounted makeover” as Gauri Khan gives a preview of his library and Aryan’s room in ‘Mannat’

Gauri Khan, the designer and wife of Shah Rukh Khan, provides a look inside their home Mannat in her most recent book. The book’s foreword was written by SRK.

Many people are aware that interior designer Gauri Khan, wife of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan, has established an outstanding empire in her trade. But hardly everyone is aware of the circumstances surrounding her beginnings as a designer.

Gauri claimed that although she had always been passionate about the arts and had never set out to become a designer, her first opportunity came about as a result of SRK and her not having enough money to employ a designer after investing everything they owned in their home. She recently shared a never-before-seen family photo of herself, Shah Rukh, and their three kids — Aryan, Suhana, and AbRam — on social media to promote her debut book, My Life in Design.


Also contributing to the book’s foreword is Shah Rukh, who says, “I am excited to see what she has included in her book, and if by chance she has designed some space better than what she has done for me, I will force her to give me a discounted makeover for my space.”

The family stays in Mannat, a bungalow with a view of the ocean that has grown into a landmark that visitors and admirers stop by to see and snap pictures in front of. Gauri revealed to Vogue India that her book will have several fresh glances into the house: “A lot of people—Shah Rukh’s fans especially—have wondered what lies behind the gated walls of Mannat. I would like the readers of this coffee table book to chip in and tell me what work they like more than others, since there are a lot of unseen pictures in the book.”

The celebrity added, “It’s both alarming and endearing to see her awake late at night, working on her iPad to make a delivery on time.” The superstar said it is somewhat surprising to see his partner work so hard. Gauri pointed the conversation at Mannat and mentioned that the house’s “large gates” are one of its most imposing features. She added that she desired a certain uniformity across the house. Shah Rukh Khan’s library, according to Khan, is one of the house’s main draws.

“A majority of Shah Rukh’s day, when he’s not shooting, is spent in the library. We have created a comfortable yet serious ambience. It’s warmly lit, has an old-school vibe to the way the library shelves are designed and is an atmosphere conducive to creativity,” shared Khan, even as she spoke fondly about her sons’ rooms. For Aryan, she wanted him to have a space where he could write as well as hang out with his friends. “He hangs with his friends there and the lighting transforms the area into a casual spot to watch movies and play games, but it’s also a place he used to study in and writes and works in now,” Gauri said.

While this is going on, AbRam and Suhana both have a room that reflects their individual personalities and tastes. Along with creating her own villa, Gauri also designed houses for Sidharth Malhotra, Karan Johar, and Roohi and Yash Johar’s nursery.