Shaan’s mother Sonali Mukherjee dies, Kailash Kher offers condolence to the family

Shaan’s mother dies so the fellow singer Kailash Kher prays for the family to bear this sorrow. He offered condolences to the family.

A popular singer Shaan’s mother dies. Kailash Kher his fellow singer confirms in a tweet on Thursday. his mother was also a singer. He offers condolence to the family in a tweet.

Kailash writes, “Shaan’s mother passes away. Prayers to the Almighty for the salvation of the departed soul. It is a prayer to Lord Shiva, the ruler of all the three worlds, that our brother Shaan’s family should get the strength to bear this sorrow. Eternal prayers.”

In an interview, in 2016, Shaan had spoken about his mother. “My mother (Sonali Mukherjee) is probably the sole reason that I could take my chances, not take up a day job, and pursue a career as a singer. She raised my sister, Sagarika, and me, single-handedly, after my father passed away in 1986. I was just 14 then”.

“How she balances both the roles of a single mother and working woman is a miracle. She always wear a smile on her face. Mom encourages me and Sagarika to do whatever we wanted to do. She never forces her will on us. Anuji (Malik; composer) fondly remembers that in 2000, when I have just got a bit of a foothold as a singer, my mom told the leading composers at that time that she wanted to stop singing chorus, lest I would get embarrassed if we had to sing in the same studio. Far from embarrassing me, I’ve always been proud to be her son,” he adds.

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