Sanjana Sanghi reveals, Sushant Singh Rajput supported her even though she had a more important role in the film


Sanjana Sanghi will soon be seen in Dil Bechara which also happens to be Sushant Singh Rajput’s last film. The film will be streaming online exclusively on Disney+Hotstar. In an interaction with Pinkvilla, Sanjana spoke at length about how it was working with the late actor. She revealed that even though her role was more important in the film, Sushant encouraged her to do better and never made her feel like a newcomer.

Sanjana revealed she felt extremely comfortable around him. She also stated, they had a lot of things in common like they both were nerds in school, they had a huge passion and love for cinema, they both were trained dancers and hence became “inseparable.” She added that people had to tell them to focus on work as they would talk about books and life so much in general.

Sanjana has been quoted as saying, “Sushant felt me at every level and even I understood him at every level.” She doesn’t believe that he was an introvert because she was a part of Sushant’s clan.
She also said that the film is narrated through her eyes and her role is slightly more important. Sushant was completely okay with that supported her completely. She said that he gave her space to work and experiment with her craft and let her do what she wanted. He would help her when required but he never treated her as a newcomer. In addition to this, she revealed that her role was extremely demanding and she had very heavy scenes to do so during the course of it, Sushant would send coffees and food to make her feel okay without her even asking for it.

The actress further revealed, she felt extremely engrossed with her scenes and Sushant would help her feel light and distract her to keep her sane.

When she was asked if she knew what Sushant felt, she answered that she didn’t know Sushant before Dil Bechara and hence didn’t know how he was before the movie. She said he was “all giving” and he was never disturbed when he was on set. So, she never thought he was going through any mental health issues.