Rohit Roy: “I felt I would be the next Shah Rukh Khan”

Rohit Roy opens up and said: “In the last 20 years if my kitchen kept running, it was because of my work on television”

Rohit Roy, who was most recently seen playing the part of enemy Vardhan in Sanjivani 2 (2019) concedes that he is glad to have been doing both TV and movies together. In any case, he likewise admits that TV has given him a ton.

He said, “In the last 20 years, if my kitchen kept running, it was because of my work on television and I owe the medium a lot. Vardhan was a powerful role in Sanjivani and I enjoyed playing it. Unfortunately, the show wrapped up, otherwise, my character had good scope.”

Having begun his acting profession with a show Swabhimaan on TV, Rohit reviews, how achievement had gone to his head after he got well known as a result of it. He said, “Many years ago, I had asked Anurag Basu why he wasn’t casting me in his films, and he had joked, ‘People watch you for free on television, why would they pay money to watch you in a film in theatres?’ That was quite a shocker, but I understood his viewpoint. But, now, lines are blurring, and you can bag great projects in both the mediums and web shows are an added blessing.”

Rohit also added, “Secondly, I would not blame anyone for my films not doing well at the box office or not bagging interesting projects, because after I did Swabhimaan (TV show), success had gone to my head. I have only started working hard in the last decade. When I did Swabhimaan, I was spoken about as the next big star, I felt I would be the next Shah Rukh Khan.

“So, if my career took a backseat for a few years, it is because of my assumptions and allowing success to go to my head. I was a very bad actor and never took work seriously. If I had put in the kind of effort other successful actors put in many years ago, I would have been somewhere else. I am happy that I am now getting to do interesting work”, Rohit added.

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