Ranveer Singh’s comment on wife Deepika Padukone’s latest photo will melt your heart - READ | Business Upturn

Ranveer Singh’s comment on wife Deepika Padukone’s latest photo will melt your heart – READ

As Deepika Padukone posted photos of herself in a saree, ready for the Jawan success event, Ranveer Singh made sure to go gaga over his ladylove and left a loved-up comment, with a Jawan connection.

Jawan’s post-release success event which was held on September 15 is the talk of the town. While the film’s box office success has already made headlines, it was Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone’s attendance at the event that drew the most attention. As DP posted pictures, Ranveer Singh went wild over her and left a loving comment, along with a Jawan reference.

Deepika Padukone looked lovely in her white saree, classy makeup, and hair wrapped up, as she uploaded a few pictures on social media. She accessorised the outfit with her unique gorgeous earrings. In response to his wife’s latest look, Ranveer Singh commented on her Instagram picture,  saying, “”Ishq Mein Dil Bana Hai Ishq Mein Dil Fanna Hai Hooo00000000000o.”

Fans showered the cute couple with love. “Oh, you are one of the reasons why my standards are high!” commented one of the fans in response to the comment. “Such a fantastic hubbs to deeps.” Many people rushed to him, and how!

Meanwhile, Deepika’s post included a cute photo of her and Shah Rukh Khan. “It’s the last one for us too, queen and king,” one fan said. “Shahrukh was right when he said aankon mein Teri ajab si ajab ki adayein hai,” said another.

Meanwhile, SRK commented on DP’s appearance in the film at the occasion, saying,  “It was very large-hearted of her. I know we are very close to each other, we love each other like family but even then sometimes work and profession comes in your head and heart. For her to have done this also as an actor, it’s very gutsy.”