Ranveer Singh to team up with Rohit Shetty yet again, duo gears up for a HUGE comedy film

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty to team up with Ranveer Singh for an upcoming comedy blockbuster.


Filmmaker Rohit Shetty is known for his comedy and Police centric movies. After the Golmaal, he jumped to focus on Singham with Ajay Devgn. The new cop in his ‘cop universe’ was none other than Ranveer Singh, where he became the lead of film, Simbaa. After bagging Rs 240 Crores on the Box Office, Ranveer is back with  for another collaboration. This time they will be teaming up for Comedy Hit.

According to Bollywood Hungama, the duo is all set to shoot the “mother of all comedies”. A source close to the news portal said, “Rohit has been looking to step outside the Golmaal franchise and his cop universe, and the lockdown gave him the time to work on an out and out comic script. When he narrated the basic idea to Ranveer, the actor was equally excited as he hasn’t done a comedy film Rohit Shetty e-style before and agreed to come on board.” They also added that Rohit is currently waiting for actor’s confirmation and has been working all around the clock with his team of writers to get done with the final script. It has also been told that Shetty has the script for Golmaal 5 already with him.

On the other hand, duo’s Sooryavanshi was supposed to release earlier this year but due to the unexpected pandemic, the movie will not release until further notice. Rohit had planned to work on Golmaal 5, just after the release of Sooryanvanshi. The source told the news portal, “But Ajay Devgn’s dates are full for next one year owing to the six month closure, which has pushed Golmaal 5 also by a year. He was supposed to start Golmaal 5 around October this year for a Diwali 2021 release, but the film will now start only in the last quarter of 2021.”

The duo shares the same kind of vibe, with Rohit Shetty’s films being filled with action scenes and Ranveer Singh being so full of energy. Their yet another collab with each other can stir things up and also make things more interesting.