Rakul Preet Singh is appalled with the Manesar rape case, asks ‘Should we be called humans anymore?’

Actor Rakul Preet Singh urges people to be kinder to one another and to emerge from the crisis with more compassion.


If one does not wake up to humanity after experiencing the anger of the Covid-19 issue, when will they? That is a subject that actor Rakul Preet Singh is now thinking, especially when she picks up a newspaper and reads about rape incidents from time to time.

“I have to bring this up, but recently, I read about a rape case in Manesar, and my blood just boils reading such news. I mean there are people dying, there’s this pandemic with which the world is struggling, and then there are people like this,” she expresses in anger, adding, “I just don’t know what to make of it. Sometimes you start seeing a question mark as to whether we should be called humans at all.”

In the midst of the epidemic, when people are suffering all around, Singh’s only hope is that people begin to become more human, kinder, and just kinder to one another.

“Honestly, our existence doesn’t matter, forget what you’re chasing. It all boils down to the people around you, those small moments of joy and life being so unpredictable. If you start understanding it from that perspective, you will just look at life very differently. You will value smaller things as you live one day at a time. So, I just hope people become warmer and nicer,” states the actor.

However, the actor acknowledges that there are days when she is unable to provide the appropriate medical facility for people at the appropriate moment, and it is difficult for her to escape the negative mood.

“But where do you draw the line? And how much do you push yourself?” she questions, and adds, “At the end of the day, I have made peace with the fact that we are all humans, and there’s only little you can do. And that’s something with which I continue to march on.”

Meanwhile, she is attempting to impart happiness and a message via her art, as seen by her most recent film, Sardar Ka Grandson.

“In today’s world, we understand the value of family. And if people watch Sardar Ka Grandson and feel linked to that emotion, I believe we have accomplished our goal. It’s a movie that everyone can watch together and bond over at home. Because we cherish these ties in times like this. And I hope that happens,” she says as she wraps up.