Rakhi Sawant thanks Salman Khan for support, begins her mother’s chemotherapy

In Bigg Boss 14, Rakhi Sawant walked out of the house after taking Rs.14 lakhs.

Rakhi Sawant who was recently seen in the Bigg Boss 14 season, entered the house as a challenger. She managed to survive till the final day and walked out of the house with 14 lakh prize. Later after the eviction from Bigg Boss she told media sources that she wanted this money for her mother’s cancer treatment. 

Further now after a few days she has posted a picture of her mother, “Please pray for mom, she is undergoing cancer treatment.” Many wishes were poured  by her fans for her mothers speedy recovery.

Rakhi also thanked Salman Khan for always standing by her side, according to a source Salman Khan himself has arranged all the facilities for Rakhi’s mother treatment. Rakhi posted a picture with Salman Khan, she wrote, “My god brother ,king of the king ,one and only ,Salman khan!! God unko sari khusiya de,unko sari murad puri ho.”

Furthermore, Rakhi said in an interview after quitting the show, “It was just a matter of a few hours, and at the end only one had to win. If I would have lost, I would be left with nothing. At least, I have a huge sum of money with me now. I have zero bank balance at the moment, and I needed the money for my mother’s medical needs. I have spent all my savings in the last few years on her surgeries, and needed financial backing. I have no regrets, as that moment all I could think of was the growing bills that I need to pay soon.”

Rakhi spoke about Salman. “He is a rockstar, and a legend in true self. He really supported me a lot, and I don’t think I would have managed to survive the game without him. When Jasmin hit me on my nose, I was in immense pain and wanted to leave but he gave me strength. Salman and the love of the audience helped me bear all the pain.”

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